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April is one of the best times to escape and go hiking, especially in the Akamas.

Some of us travel to explore places, while others do it for the food and culture, and still others for the thrill. In addition, there are those of us who travel for the sake of experiencing something new.

Choosing places that are off the beaten path allows them to find hidden gems, to live each day the way they see fit, resulting in a more meaningful vacation than a pre-planned schedule can provide.

In any unusual, unguided adventure in Cyprus, there is more chance of getting lost; your GPS can get tangled in a deep valley or on a high mountaintop, and a map can offer little detail about which direction to head in because no one expected you to take the donkey route.

The temptation to get lost is to find yourself in a small village with a few inhabitants. You can view landscapes that are untapped alternatives to mainstream destinations. Wildlife that is usually scared away by crowds of people is more likely to be seen.

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