Vote Compass data shows that the majority of Australians support the Indigenous Voice in Parliament and this has grown since the last election

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The Voice will be a representative body of Indigenous peoples that will advise legislators on issues affecting Indigenous peoples.

The government’s “Indigenous Voice in Parliament” model is broken. But Labor give him a ‘failure’ The final proposal for Indigenous Voices is published by the federal government.

In 2017, the former Referendum Council stated that the concept “has appealed to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities due to poor or absent Commonwealth consultation with communities in the past.”

It is not yet clear what exactly the “Voice in Parliament” will look like or how many people will be elected.

He would have a huge task ahead of him – to allay the fears of hundreds of indigenous peoples and clans across Australia.

But there are common issues he could advise several communities on, including high incarceration rates, underemployment and access to better health care.

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